Yellow or 0range, pretty and lovely. That is what a dandelion is!

  • Dandelions are native to Eurasia and North America.
  • The leaves of a dandelion are 5-25 cms long and can grow longer.
  • A dandelion flower is yellowy-orange colour and opens in the day and closes at night.
  • A dandelion has hair-like seeds that float like a parachute.
  • There are 34 macro species, 2000 microspecies and 60 classified species.

Yellow dandelions, weeds, Ten Random Facts

  • Dandelions have been used as food and herbs throughout history, although some people have allergic reactions when they consume or touch them.
  • A dandelion is a good type of weed since it adds minerals and nitrogen to the soil and attracts pollinating insects.
  • The leaves of a dandelion contain vitamins A, C and K and contain calcium, potassium, iron and manganese.
  • Dandelions has been used in medicine in Europe, North America and China. The medicine helps cure infections, bile or liver problems.
  • Four dandelions appear on the West Virginia emblem, White Sulphur Springs.
Taraxacum 11 October 2012, Wikipedia, <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taraxacum>



Golden Delicious or Granny Smith. All are nice and sweet – just like Ten Random Facts you see.

  • An apple is a pomaceous fruit and grows on a deciduous tree.
  • The apple tree originated from Asia.
  • There are more than 7,500 different cultivars of apple.
  • 69 million tonnes of apples were grown worldwide, in 2010. China produced just under half of this amount.
  • The seeds of an apple are a little poisonous.

Red Apple, Pink Lady Apple, Ten Random Facts

  • China produces most of the world’s apples, followed by the United States, Turkey, Italy and India.
  • The flowers of an apple tree are normally white with a pinkish tinge.
  • A test on the Golden Delicious apple in 2010 showed that apples have 57,000 genes.
  • If you are allergic to birch pollen you are allergic to apples.
  • 149 grams of apple contain approximately 77 calories.
Apple 27 October 2012, Wikipedia, <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple>



It smells good, looks good and feels good. Well, maybe not ‘feels good’.  No, let’s look at the rose!

  • There are over 100 different species of roses.
  • Thousands of cultivars and hybrids have been bred from the different species.
  • The tallest species of rose plant can reach up to 7 meters high.
  • Most leaves on a rose stem are between 5 and 15 cm (2″ to 5.9″) long.
  • Different parts of a rose can be used as food, medicine, perfume, crops or decoration.

Climbing Pink Rose, Ten Random Facts


  • The oil from a rose can be turned into jam, jelly, marmalade or can flavour tea.
  • The rose is used as symbols for many countries and occasions.
  • The fruit on a rose is called the rose hip.
  • Rose hips can contain between 5 and 160 seeds.
  • The thorns (prickles) on a rose stem is used to defend the plant from threats or help the rose’s vegetation growth.
Rose 16 October 2012, Wikipedia, <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rose>

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