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All content (text, photographs, etc) on the Ten Random Facts website and social media sites is protected by copyright. Please respect this site and all of its content by not copying it and publishing it in part or full, anywhere, in any form.

Ten Random Facts endeavours to comply with copyright policies of its sources of information and photos, however, if you believe this website is in error, then please contact Cris at <cris (at) tenrandomfacts (dot) com>.

Text that appears on Ten Random Facts is not copied or scraped from any website, although many sites are used as sources for information.  There is always significant effort made to put the information gained from other sources into one’s own words.  The main website sources appear in the Harvard referenced bibliography on the appropriate post.

Ten Random Facts has, and will continue to strive to acknowledge every image they use that belongs to someone other than Ten Random Facts. All images that are featured are either copyrighted by Ten Random Facts or are under the Creative Commons licence. If you believe this website has not acknowledged you appropriately, or your image is not under Creative Commons licence, please let Cris know at <cris (at) tenrandomfacts (dot) com>, and if appropriate, Cris will gladly fix the issue as soon as possible.

If the viewer would like to use Ten Random Facts’ text, please only take a sample of one fact which must be linked to the page from which it is retrieved at

Using images copyrighted to Ten Random Facts is prohibited. If the viewer would like to use an image watermarked with ‘’ the viewer must ask permission and have an agreement for use. If the viewer would like to share any images found on Ten Random Facts, using social media networks or similar sites, then the viewer must link the image to the appropriate post on the Ten Random Facts website. Please do not share any of the images that do not have a ‘’ watermark, as they are not owned by this website.

If the viewer would like to use an image under the Creative Commons licence, then please open the link below the image and ask for permission from the owner, or download the image from the original website.

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