If a rhyme is what you seek, don’t choose orange or it may reek.

  • Orange is a colour and part of the visual spectrum, situated between yellow and red, with a wavelength of 590 to 620 nanometres, a hex code of #FF7F00, and an RGB code of (255, 127, 0).
  • In pigments, orange can be made by mixing red and yellow from the RYB colour wheel, while in light, it can be made with higher quantities of red light with the addition of lower quantities of green light.
  • The term ‘orange’, first used in the early 1500s, was taken directly from the Old French word ‘orenge’ in reference to the fruit of the same colour and name, while previously the colour was known as ‘ġeolurēad‘ which literally meant ‘yellow-red’.
  • Common shades of orange include peach, apricot, carrot, bronze, mango, terracotta, vermillion, burnt and saffron.
  • Realgar, orpiment and crocoite are all natural minerals that were commonly used in the past to create an orange colour paint, while saffron and turmeric were plant based materials used to dye cloth and other items.

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  • Carrots, mangoes, desert sand, pumpkins, apricots, mandarins, marigolds and other flowers, autumn leaves, tigers, peaches, goldfish, and marmalade are things that commonly feature the colour orange.
  • Natural objects that appear orange typically have a high content of the chemical carotene, and this can be seen in flowers, leaves, vegetables and fruit that display this colour.
  • Orange attracts the eye and is the easiest colour to see in low lighting, low visibility, or next to water, hence its popularity for use on some boats, bridges and life jackets, traffic cones and signage, as well as ‘black box’ flight recorders.
  • Orange is commonly used to symbolise health, safety, energy, cheerfulness, positivity, passiveness, loudness, warmth and comfort.
  • It is normal for a person to find orange either a highly displeasing colour or a highly pleasing colour; and the colour is commonly used for robes worn by Buddhist monks, and represents a commitment to perfection or illumination.
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