Ten Random Facts strives to have trustworthy information and facts that are educational, and whilst this website endeavours to have as accurate information as possible, if the viewer wishes to rely on this information for other purposes than feeding the viewer’s brain, this website will not be held responsible or liable for inaccuracies.  This information is not to be used as medical or health advice or the like, and a professional opinion should be sought in those circumstances.

Choosing the right research links, plays an important part in Ten Random Facts. This website uses many great books and educational sites for lots of the on-line research.  No facts have been made up or been directly copied from other sources. This website endeavours to put all the information gathered, in one’s own words.  For a list of main research links and books used for a particular topic, see the bibliography at the bottom of the relevant post.

Copyright:  This website makes every effort to avoid breaking copyright.  Please contact the owner directly if you feel that there is an issue that needs to be rectified. Please respect this site and all of its content by not copying it and publishing it anywhere in any form.
See Copyright for more information.

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