Pass the tongs and the facts.

  • Tongs are tools used to handle items, and generally move the item from one place to another, or turn things, like a piece of meat on a barbecue.
  • Tongs usually have flat ends to pick up items without damaging them and to grip onto the items easily, however, some tongs have claws or toothed ends to grab more bulky and slippery items.
  • Tongs are used mainly for handling food or hot items.
  • Modern tongs are usually made from plastic, metal, stainless steel, or other material, depending on their purpose.
  • Originally, tongs were probably wood sticks that eventually became metal sticks around 3000 BC to handle hot items in a fire.

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  • Tongs are used to extend the hand or as a replacement handler for potentially dangerous items.
  • Tongs usually have a sprung end so that the operator is required to squeeze the middle of the tongs to grab hold of an item, or they have a pivot which requires the user to squeeze the handles at the end to grip onto items, these being more effective at holding heavy items due to the extra force able to be applied.
  • There are many types of tongs including barbecue tongs, salad tongs, blacksmith tongs, crucible tongs, ice cube tongs, sugar cube tongs and fire tongs.
  • Tongs are often called ‘a pair of tongs’ and the word comes from the Old English, ‘tange’ or ‘tang’, meaning ‘that which bites’.
  • There is evidence of Egyptians using metal rods and tong like tools to hold objects over fire, in around 1450 BC.
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Lock Key

Turn, click. Open!

  • There are many different types of keys which are used to open locks.
  • Keys are tools that are used in security and access of homes and cars etc.
  • House keys are the most common type of keys, then car keys.
  • Keys can be double sided or four sided, for extra security.
  • Thousands of years ago, wood was used to make keys.

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  • Some say that Theodore of Samos invented the key in the 6th century BC.
  • Romans used to wear keys as rings as symbols of wealthiness and for security.
  • Key duplicating was invented in 1917 using a blank key and a wheel that cuts the key.
  • Some keys are cylindrical, and are called tubular keys, which are commonly used among vending machines, laptop and bicycle locks.
  • Key cards are alternate keys that are like flat credit cards and are typically used in hotels.
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